My Surigao del Sur Escapade

Surigao del Sur is one of the most beautiful provinces in the Philippines.  It has a  mystical river, stunning waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Surigao del Sur has 17 municipalities and 2 cities which are Tandag and Bislig. Each of these municipalities has its own wonders of nature that will surely take your breath away.  😲

“glimpse during the trip”

During our 2 days visit in Surigao del Sur we stayed at Tiffanys Inn. I recommend this inn for those type of tourists who are in a tight budget. On the first day we went to Tinuy-an Falls which is often referred as the little “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”. It has  95-meter width and 55-meter plunge making it as the widest waterfall in the Philippines. It has three levels of curtain-like cascading waters but the locals say it has five. The 2nd level is the tallest of all levels and in the 3rd and 4th level is where tourist swim and relax or enjoy the cool waters. You can actually ride a bamboo raft for about 100-150 Php to get closer to the cascading waters.

Tinuy-an Falls the little “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”

On our second day we went to the Enchanted River from the town of Hinatuan in Barangay Cambatong. The river offers crystal-clear waters that you can see the riverbed even at the deepest part. One of its unique features is its immeasurable depth. The management made some rules and one of it is “no one is allowed to swim without a life vest” this is to ensure the safety of the guest because of the rivers strong current. At exactly 12 noon the caretaker will ring the bell requesting everyone to get out from the water for the “feeding time”. They will play the “hymn of Hinatuan” and the magical moment happens, massive school of fishes pops out from nowhere and will gather near the mouth of the river while the caretakers feed them. After that feeding time is over.

“Enchanted River, Hinatuan”

We wanted to try Island hopping but our time was cut short so we didn’t get to visit there.  That ends my trip in Surigao del Sur and I know for sure I’ll come back to this place soon. I hope you guys will also try and visit Surigao del Sur and witness its natural beauty!

Hope to see you on my next entry! 


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